On the road to the Grand Sancerrois vineyards.
A gastronomic experience.

It is in the province of Berry, facing the hills and vineyards of Sancerrois, that Maison Medard chose to set up in 2014 on the village square of Boulleret in the Cher Department.
A gastronomic restaurant awarded a Michelin star in 2021, Maison Medard flourishes in the heart of the Centre-Val-de-Loire region and cultivates with curiosity a way-of-life linked to gastronomy, land, and wine.
This terroir is dear to the heart of Chef Julien Medard, whom he wishes to celebrate with authenticity, finesse, and precision. Both he and his wife Delphine are committed to a sincere and virtuous approach, striving to offer benevolent moments full of emotion and punctuated by the seasons.

Respect for nature and the living world guides the development of their establishment.



Understanding the Earth and living with it.
Going to the essential.

This is the very heart of Maison Medard, which perfectly combines a refined culinary art with the wine heritage of the Cher.

Delphine and Julien are generous and passionate ambassadors of a wine-growing region, in love with wine and vineyards. They know better than anyone how to take you on a discovery tour of the most beautiful regional AOCs, which thrive in their carefully maintained and well-stocked wine library.

Maison Medard enhances this Berrichon heritage, steeped in tradition, with elegance and creativity. An enchantment to discover at Chef Julien Medard’s table, with a service skilfully orchestrated by his wife Delphine.



The meaning of hospitality

To ensure that the festive atmosphere blooms to its full around a remarkable table, Maison Medard offers a flawless service.

Delphine offers a warm and open welcome to each guest. Thanks to her numerous gentle attentions, the shared moments are a joy to experience.
She leads the service from the kitchen to the table in a fluid, professional and discrete manner.

A hospitality meticulously sustained to ensure that the quality of the dishes, full of taste and flavours, remains intact. A know-how and a precious gift that are key to the starred cuisine of Chef Julien Medard, which reveals its true excellence there.

A work of goldsmith carried out by two special persons, whose complicity can only amplify the serene experience of the guests.

A symbiosis that gives its soul to the place and unites the talents of the team members accompanying them.