Bringing nature back to the plate means, first and foremost, respecting the Earth.

A commitment that translates into a sustainable gastronomy, respecting resources and the work of those who grow, raise and produce them.

Touching, smelling, sniffing, breathing, tasting and sharing his quest for excellence are connections that Julien maintains on a daily basis with the market gardeners, winemakers, his baker, breeders and producers of his region.

It is around him, locally, that he likes to draw his inspiration.

Wandering in the forest to find wild herbs, with a knife in his pocket.
It is a strong symbol for Julien – a tribute to his grandfather – who knew how to work the land and the wood so well. A gesture deeply engraved in his memory, for it was repeated so many times in front of him during his childhood. A knife used every day to cut and peel the skin, bark, roots and leaves of vegetables, of which nothing is to be discarded.

Since childhood, he has learned not to throw anything away. He has therefore adopted an eco-responsible and zero waste policy within his kitchen and in the organisation of his home.

Starred gastronomy and respect for the living world are now indivisible.
This is Julien’s commitment to the planet.

The 4-Course Escapade Menu


50€ from September 25

Wednesday to Friday lunch only
Excluding holidays and school vacations

The 5-Course Walking Menu


80€ from July 1st

The 8-Course Strolling Menu


115€ from July 1st

The menus follow the rhythm and richness of the seasons
Wine & Food Pairing is proposed


Knowing how to receive guests is the result of a common vision shared by Julien and Delphine.

A warm and cosy atmosphere characterises the place. Like a comfortable nest, the environment is subdued and plush, with exposed stone walls, ceilings punctuated by old bleached wooden beams and light colours.
The room is decorated in a contemporary style with a soft touch, where comfort is a priority.
The space is refined and outwardly simple, leaving plenty of room for tasting, enjoyment and passion for good food.

La Table du Chef completes the art of receiving guests: proposed as a guest table, it allows you to have a front row seat facing the kitchen where you can talk to the Chef without frills.
A moment of sharing that Julien Medard offers as a privilege to get a hint of his know-how.